How To Deal With Annoying & Rude Neighbors?


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The only practical method to deal with those nasty and annoying neighbors that you possess is to SIMPLY IGNORE THEM! They will surely try pissing you off a couple of times but when they will notice that you don't really give any kind of attention to what they are up to , with the passage of time, they will put a halt to disturbing and pesting you off!
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Simply to ignore them - how? To sacrifice my sleep, my rest? To move out?
Or to give them gifts? - Why that? I mean, why I wasn't brought up to act like them? I always respect neighborhood, simply the case brought us close and we have to learn not to do to the others what we don't want to be done to us....)))
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First you have to talk with your neighbors and tell them straight forward that you cannot stand their rude behavior any longer and that they should start behaving properly.If they do not understand then talk to your community or colony chair person.
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I had a neighbor who let out her dogs at 5:30 a.m.  The dogs, of course, barked, but really only instinctual/protective barking, not like little yap-yap dogs.  My bedroom wall was closest to their yard.  I sent a note over with her kid that basically just said I really wanted to be a good neighbor and was not interested in a confrontation.  I told her I normally got up for work around 6:30, and because she let her dogs out early, I was awakened by their barking.  I told her that I respected her children, home, etc., and I would appreciate the same consideration.  I am still not sure why it worked, but it did.  She let her dogs out at 7 a.m. Instead, and I got to sleep until the alarm went off.  Now if this had not worked, I am not sure what my next step would have been, but I thought I would try it first, you know?  And I sent a nice letter so my mouth wouldn't get out of control and say something inflammatory.  Worth a try for lesser annoying behaviors.
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Just tell them what is on your mind. Let them know they annoy you so much you cannot even stand them.
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It is very difficult to deal with any person who is being unreasonable, especially if their behavior directly affect you.

I had a similiar situation, although not in the same context.
I went to a News Years Church Service and heard the pastor say that we must treat our enemies with kindness. I can tell you this....I didn't want to AT ALL! But I did.
I actually gave my neighbor (a woman who disliked me just because..) a gift for their child, and invited her over.
I was a part time photographer and I expressed my interest in taking a free family portrait of their family.
She accepted, came over, and I got to find out why she was so hateful towards me. It had nothing to do with me, but with whom or what I reminded her of in her life.

I actually took her hand at one point and prayed with her.
We get along great now..We are not best friends, but we respect one another.

My suggestion is to buy or take over a hedge trimmer and some potted flowers to their house, and tell them that you noticed that they were doing good things and you thought they could do it together. IT WILL BLOW THEIR MINDS! Tell the husband that you bought a NEW trimmer that you though he'd like to try...see where it goes.

Say an honest prayer to God before you do this, and ask Him to order your steps and tongue no matter what the response...God Bless You!
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CAROL FOREMAN of HALTOM CITY- My name is Christine Reeves & I have lived here n this house for 4 1/2 yrs & I have been feeding my neighbors dog ever since Ive lived here. She has never helped & doesnt intend to. She has had so far 3dogs that stay w/me & I have to feed or they will go hungry. She refuses to think SHE OWES ME! I have tried to stay away from that statement. I have to DUNN her for money everytime I need food for my pets & she doesnt think she should have to do.

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