How to deal with racism?


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Anonymous....... Only God's Kingdom Will End All Prejudice,

While Bible knowledge can help to control and root out strong emotions, there are two other elements that must be dealt with before  prejudice can be completely eliminated.  First,  there is sin and human imperfection.  The Bible plainly  states:  "There is no man that does not sin".  So no matter how hard we try, we face the same internal struggle as the apostle Paul, who wrote:  "When I wish to do what is  right, what is bad is present with me."  Thus, from time to time, our imperfect heart will resort to "injurious reasonings" that can lead to prejudice.

Second, there is the influence of Satan the Devil.  The Bible describes him as "a manslayer" and says that he is misleading the entire inhabited earth"  (John 8:44;  Revelation 12:9) That explains why prejudice is so prevalent and why mankind seems so helpless in the face of bigotry, discrimination, genocide, and other forms of racial, religious, and social intolerance.

Hence, before there can be the total elimination of prejudice, there must be the removal of human sin, imperfection, and the influence of Satan the Devil. The Bible shows that God's Kingdom will accomplish just that.

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"See with your eye's,

But feel with your Heart.

All colors are the same,

In the DARK." / M. Poland

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