Have You Ever Been Caught Naked By A Hotel Maid?


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I've not personally been caught naked by a hotel maid, but I know someone who has!

I won't go into personal details - but a maid walked in on a friend of mine whilst he was undressing, and what ensued was one of the most scandalous encounters in recent history.
Caught naked by a hotel maid
I can't divulge specific details about who my friend was, and where in the world this incident happened - but suffice to say he was once an important man in the world of international finance.

When the maid entered the room, my friend remained unabashed.

Charmed by his confidence (and the 'goods' on display), the maid and my friend engaged in a sex act.

Eventually, the maid put her clothes back on and left the room as if nothing had ever happened.

Sex with a hotel maid
Unfortunately, that's not the end of the story. The maid had the guts to try and bring criminal charges against my friend, claiming that what happened in that hotel room wasn't consensual sex (even though it 100% was).

Although I'm not aware of the full story, it's thought that the maid was being spurned on by a relation of hers who had convinced her she might be able to blackmail her way to a cash payout.

My friend was subsequently arrested and released on a hefty bail bond. Luckily, the case was dismissed once prosecutors got wind of what was actually going on.

So, the moral of the story is: Don't leave your door unlocked if you're naked in your hotel room, you never know when a devious maid might barge in!

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