My Mom Caught Me Half Naked With My Bf. Help?


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Try sitting down and talking with your mom. You made the choice to go that way with your BF and you should be ready to face the consequences of that choice, because if you aren't then I'm fairly certain that you aren't mature enough to be doing that kind of stuff yet. Let's not hound on the fact that your mom is flipping out. She has every right to know what you are doing. Just be honest with her, it may seem like that is impossible, but the right thing to do is always usually the hard choice.
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Arthur Wright answered
Not much you can do now as the damage is already done so now time will eventually clear this up but don't get caught again,
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viktoria no answered
Hey, look at it this way you're lucky it wasn't a dad walking in just tell your mum that you both gave consent!
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John answered
Sounds like grounding time for you and a boot in the rear end of the soon to be not boyfriend.good thing dad did not walk in on you.I would have kicked him all the way out the front door and then took the door off the hinges to your room. : ).you should be happy that your mom is the only one not talking to you. My mom would have went ballistic if you get my drift. Hahahahahaha.
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Your mother is very nosey, and you shouldn't let her get into your relationships. If you were nakid with him, you're probably over 14, and can have sex and be okay, right? No big deal

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