How should i tell my mom im a nudist? Im 14 and believe im closer to nature and God when im naked. .


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Hi Erica, I have thought about your question for several weeks now and have asked some women nudist friends of mine as to how they would handle this. It has made for some interesting sauna conversation at the park.

We feel that if you "must" tell your mother (and we're wondering why only her and not your father as well) you need knowledge. You will have to take a stand on your viewpoint expressing all the good things about being a nudist. To her, like so many others, it's about sex and not freedom. Here are some website you can look at which give an overview on an national basis of naturism and what "we" do.
When I was 14 I would have loved to tell my mom as well about my skinnydipping in our back yard pool and the many other romps I did nude... Just back then I never knew there were dedicated people to this lifestyle.... And it is a lifestyle for most of us.
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I think if you fear - than your concision is telling you something is wrong
The concision is given to us by God - it is a gift and not to be neglected  - often people iron over it long enough and are not bothered by the quilt trip.

Your parents might explode and get made at you - or not - think well over what you want to get out of telling the truth to your parents.

What your doing has nothing to do with New Testament - Christianity - Christian and Children.
Take Care
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I think you should tell her the truth and why you do that , She will understand you .

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