How Do I Deal With Being Estranged From My Family?


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Look my wife went through and is still going through almost a similar situation as your self, she raised her 3 younger siblings when she was only 10 years old. Her parents are self centered (its all about them) they have always played their kids against each other. My wife had an argument with her older brother, her mother decided to jump in and take the side of her son, her 3 siblings that she raised have not spoken to her since. We moved from Montreal to Calgary to get  away from them, after that we moved all the way to south America. Long story short, I being a person living this with my wife, I would tell you to send the ingrate a letter explaining your feelings (don't expect a response, but that's OK). Then forget those people (it won't be easy), they obviously have bad karma you don't what that around you. Talk to people that have gone through this situation as no one else will understand your pain fully.  DO NOT GO BEGGING!!
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It must be really hurtful that your sister hasn't called,especially after all youve done for her.But maybe she is just preoccupied with other things.Maybe YOU could visit HER!I think you should definitely talk about it.Get her to explain why she is behaving like this.Get her to tell you all that's going on in her life.Help her to remember all you've done,and show her how much you miss her,and when she sees all this,I'm sure she'll be glad to visit!In the hustle and bustle of life,it is so easy to forget the ones we love...but once she realizes that she has forgotten you,I'm sure she'll be careful to never do it again.As for your father,I know how you feel,I have problems with my father too!Think about it,and if, in your heart,you would like to contact him,then do.Good luck.
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I know this sounds callous, but I've been through it myself. Stop bothering. It hurts, but it's better than hoping they'll change. If they're like my family, they won't and you will get hurt over and over again until you finally just face the facts. The hurt of being estranged never goes away, and nobody who hasn't been through the same thing has any clue as to what it's like - but it's the same as any other unfortunate thing in life - some of us are dealt a hand that's not what we'd wish. God bless you through these holidays - that's the hardest time of year.
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Take the first step and call them. Give them an opportunity to call you back. If they don't call and write them as well. I find it easier to write. You might find it easier to express just how you feel. You are never going to get over the hurt if you don't find out why the estrangement developed. Reach out to them.
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Hi, that is bad, but sometimes we have to make the first steps. Try talking with them and ask why did they stop visiting and calling you.
A wise person once told me that I can not change anyone other than myself. Sometime, we have to let go of the past in order to enjoy the furture. I know it hurts, I have been there. Try developing new relationships, it is their loss. Let go and Let God, take care!

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