Can An Adoption Be Reversed By The Courts?


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I heard that there are many cases which are successful in reversing the adoption. There is a whole process of reversing an adoption. One has to file a petition in the court and a signed form by the adoptive parents or the adoptee.
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@Sana Rashid

It really depends on where the adoption was finalized and the circumstances/claims to undo or reverse the adoption. I'm not an attorney but I work at a law office where we do adoptions. As I understand it, it's pretty rare to get an adoption overturned.

Here's a site that has a blog with lots of resources:

You can check with Megan. I think she's the only lawyer in the country that is also a birth mom.

Best of luck!

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My son was taken by the courts and my sister had adopted him what are the chances of me getting him back into my care if she agrees to give him back without a fight because shes not capable of caring for him
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Adoption is a very unusual form of legal action because it takes away such an important legal set of rights from birth parents and assigns them totally to another person or couple. Even the child's birth certificate is taken away by the court and replaced by an adoption certificate implying that the status of the child at birth is now irrelevant. Many adoptive parents believe that the legal ruling on any adoption is irreversible. This is technically untrue and modern advice is that the order can be overturned but only in exceptional circumstances. It has also long been the case that a further adoption order can be made removing parenting rights from the adoptive parents. It is common for birth parents to challenge adoption proceedings before they are finalized. It is quite unusual for them to prevent adoption proceedings although success at an earlier stage in contesting care orders is more common. The controversy over expert witnesses in child abuse cases did lead to speculation that birth parents might successfully apply for adoption orders to be revoked or that human rights law might impact on adoption law in this way but so far there has been no major change. An adoption order is to all practical intents and purposes permanent.
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If this could be reversed I would have done it years ago , I want my kids back. I feel the state of texas stole my kids and sold them to the highest bidder.
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The word adoption can be explained in many terms. Sometimes adoption take place because of the death of the mother of child and there is no one to take care of him or her and some sympathetic couple takes the adoption of that child, sometimes a couple who has no child takes adoption of some child from orphanage or from some relatives. The second type of adoption creates problems later when the child grows young. Your question that can an adoption be reversed by the courts can be answered in the following manner.

Adopted child when gets young and matured has the rights to lead his life according to his will and liking. He is the only person to decide whether he wants to live with his real parents or with the couple who has adopted him. If the adoption is through courts, it can be reversed but the parents as well as the adopted child proves in the court that he or she can no longer live with that couple. They will have to give enough reasons for the reversal to satisfy the court and only then the adoption can be reversed.
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I believe adoption ruling should not be reversed. The reason i believe this is i was adopted and if my parents tried to come back and get me back i would not want them to take me. This does not mean i dont love them bedause i do but the abanded me. They do not have the right to take when they feel like it. My adopted mom i live with now loves me like im her bith child. They have no right to take me away from the family that have raised me for 17years. I would not want to leave the live,school and friends i have made.
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Can an adult child who was adopted by a step father, reverse the adoption and return his birth certificate to name his biological father?  All school records, Social Security Card, Drivers License, income tax returns have all been recorded with the birth fathers name, I even have an ex-wife and child using my birth name, now I want to get remarried and I don't have my original birth certificate anymore and the state will only issue the certificate with the step fathers name on it.
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I hope so I hate my adopted mother. I don't want my real parents or the people that adopted me.
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Well for thoes of us who have had our children taken away from us and adopted out even though we did every thing that they asked of us. Is it fair that sence I didn;t want to loose my children that I be the one punished for someone elses stupidity ? I feel that the state of texas stole my kids from me and if adoption was reversable I'd have them back asap.

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