What Happens If An Adoption Of Child Does Not Work Out?


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Sadly there are lots of cases in which parents who choose to adopt find themselves unable to parent the adopted child adequately. Despite intensive preparation classes and counseling sessions some people find themselves unwilling or unable to meet a child's needs. Usually these parents seek help long before the adoptive placement breaks down completely. Often parents who have been through this experience allege that inadequate support from social workers, schools and other professional contributed to the break down. Occasionally adoptive parents claim that a child's expecptionally challenging behaviour was not properly explained to them before the placement started. There has been at leats one UK court case in which the adoptive parents successfully argued that the adoption agency had not been clear with them about the true nature of the child's problems. Adoptive parenst are in the same position as birth parents once the adoption order is granted. If they cannot cope as parents their child may be taken into care and, after some exploration, this arrangement can become permanent. Sadly this is more frequent with inter-country adoptions.

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