If My Ex Wife Will Not Let Me See My Child What Can I Do?


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In your divorce decree, there should be a set schedule for when you are allowed to have visitation with your child. This may be on week-ends, holidays, summer vacation, etc. The visitation schedule was approved by the judge in your divorce case, and the agreement was signed by either you or your attorney, and by your ex-wife. This makes the visitation schedule with your child a court-ordered decree. Your ex-wife must comply with the visitation schedule, or she can be arrested on charges of contempt of court for not allowing you to have court-ordered visitation with your child.

Visitation, like paying child support, are not options; they are legal responsibilities that carry criminal penalties if not adhered to. If you are being denied visitation with your child, see your attorney or solicitor; this is a matter for the court to resolve. Your ex-wife will have to show cause why she is not complying with the court-ordered visitation.

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