My ex-wifes boyfriend threatened to kill me, in front of my children. Then left her house and came to mine. I want at least a restraining order but is it not a felony to threaten murder?


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Jennifer Hayes answered
Death threats are definitely something the police should handle. If you think your ex wifes boyfriend is serious then I would definitely mention it to the police and see what's best.
It wouldn't hurt to try even if they can't do anything
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Lisa Mier answered
Yah oh my god are you ok? Yes of course !!!!
Brittany Schlatt Profile
Uh, yeah I would think so, you can deffinetly get a restraining order or something more.
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isiah tyler answered
Sorry you had to hear that, some people need therapy. I would stay on high alert, and watch my kids, dude sounds like a lunatic.
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nelson pabon answered
I would check with a lawyer for legal advice, this way, you know what steps you could take legally to protect you and your children...
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Madison Sormir answered
I have had a similar probelm with an ex threatening me. In Florida, I was told that unless the person physically harms you there is little that can be done. I would still report it and stay right on top of it- letting the police know what is going on, what has been said, and that your children are involved. I would really push as well that your children are in the house with this freak who obviously cannot control his rage. Anyone who ignores you would be guilty of child endangerment- and if you feel for one moment that you will be ignored, don't be afraid to cry out child endangerment. When kids are involved, this crap should not be acceptable.

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