When me and my boyfriend argue he threatens to call the cops on me. Can the cops remove me from his house? I don't pay rent he does.


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There are problems in your relationship beyond him just calling the cops on you to evict you every time you have an argument. He does not have a right to say that to you. I think you need to get married at court and be husband and wife since you have kids together. . . . . . . . .

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You're best to get your name on the lease. I don't think the cops can do anything to take you away cause you've got a 2 year old . What disturbs me is how can any man call the cops on his girlfriend and she has a 2 year old child. If he calls the cops they could place the baby into children's services .You're best to get away from the guy and take your baby and live on your own. This is serious matter when a child's involved. Your boyfriend calls the cops he may be able to have you removed but he's got have probable cause to do so or the cops could take you both and place the baby in children's services. 

The worst thing to do is when he starts a arguments is to feed into it or better to get away from the guy. I would say leave with the baby each time he starts arguing but you can't keep putting the baby through this stuff it's no good. You really need to take other majors concerning this relationship between you and your boyfriend.

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Its possible here but highly doubtful because of your son.  The biggest problem here I see is that this is an extremely viotile situation that can escalate and get out of hand real quick and someone is going to get hurt big time and someone could end up in jail for Domestic Violence.  

No relationship should be held together by threats, so you need to start thinking about whether youre better off with or without this guy and unfortunately your son is seeing and learning here.  Even if the Cops do come, this isn't over and your troubles really begin so your best to start looking for another place to live with your son and then sue Dad for Custody and support. Local women's help groups may be able to help you out here if you tell them you fear for your and your sons life here.  Good luck and Merry Christmas

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Thank you so much for your advice,I do plan on moving out I think its better since things could get worse. Happy holidays to you too :)
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The police will only remove you from his house if they feel that you, your boyfriend, or any children are in danger. They will not remove you from the premise purely because your boyfriend requests it, and because you are not on the lease.

If the police were called out they would consider the individual circumstances, and although it is unlikely, they may suggest that you make alternative living arrangements over the next few days. Usually they would allow at least 72 hours for this.

If they felt the need to remove you and any children from the property for safety reasons, they would support you through the transition.

Arguments can be tough to handle for both parties, and the level of aggression in your arguments may make your boyfriend feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, if his threats are unwarranted then they may be an attempt to assert control over you, which is unacceptable.

Here is a useful video which might be able to help you and your partner argue less:

Ultimately, the best thing for both of you to do is to work on getting your relationship to the point where you aren't arguing, and then boyfriends won't feel the need to make such threats. He also needs to accept that you have an equal right to be there.

Even though your name is not on the lease it is just as much your home as his, and you have made a mutual agreement that you will live there with him. The law enforcement will always take this into account.

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