My boyfriend wants to kiss me but it will be my first kiss and I don't know if i want to do it in front of his friends. What should I do?


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Doing it in front of friends or people as not nice and polite.
Grownups don't like teenagers to kiss and shit in public, so do it privately. It's something between you and him, and non of your friend's concern
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Haha thanks x
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I totally agree it's not appropriate that he wants to kiss in front of his friends if he wants to just to show off or make you do something you don't feel comfortable doing. Otherwise it is ok if you want to casually kiss him anywhere in front of people. Mostly though when you get older you feel likely embarrassed if you think back on actually making out in public. And the first kiss shouldn't be him pressuring you. Your instincts may be warning you to take caution with this guy. When boys are more physically mature than emotionally sound they can be trouble for girls.
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Its totally normal to feel wierd about a situation like this! I had my first kiss with my current boyfriend of five months and we kissed outside the front doors of our highschool....and whoever saw saw! If your boyfriend is cute and is well liked at school like mine is, the fact that you 2 kissed in front of people who actually care will make them see the better side of you..cause this hot guy chose to have you as his current and not them..and they will compair themselves to you...lets just say yeah being nervous is natural! Babe belive me! I was scared to death! But after you feel like you are floating and I'm not making that up! I still feel a little light headed when I kiss my boyfriend! And its been 3 months since our first kiss! Its an important part of a girls life! And you will never forget the feeling! Hope this helps! Best wishes to you and him(:
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Oh wow hope my first kiss goes as well as yours did!!!! Xx
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Bit romantic I had it around 18 diffo ppl doin it at a disco
(no joke 1 lad sneezed)
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Why would he kiss you in front of his friends??? To impress them????  If he's planning to do it Just in front of his friends then.....that's stupid.
Just relax you have to have your first kiss sometime. :)
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Hmm why you should do it in front of your friends when you can do it privately 0.o ?
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It is normal to feel awkward about this.It is your first kiss and it should kind of be away from everyone.Just be honest and tell him it makes you uncomfortable.You will get used to the idea of kissing in front of people eventually but it's supposed to awkward.Growing up is awkward just remember you are not the only one feeling awkward. Don't forget to laugh at yourself and have fun, just not too much fun!
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Sorry to say this but...... Is your boyfriend nuts?! He wants to kiss in front of his friends? I guess he's planning to show off his kiss in front of his friends! I'd advise you to not to do it because that's not a good thing, things like these are meant to give happiness to lovers and should be done in private and yeah I guess your boyfriend is just using you because if he truly loves you he would prefer privacy for kissing!

Think about it ! :)

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