Adoption: Should an adoption be "forever" sealed, regardless if a child has an illness or later if as an adult become ill. Sealed or Unsealed?


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I think if you are going to put a child up for adoption you should give your family's heath history to the agency or family adopting, regardless if it is an open or closed adoption. The problem is often times you won't have the father's info. Either the mother doesn't know who the father is, or the father was never notified about the child. I think now many states require the father be notified, but I don't think all do. I don't know about opening an old adoption. I can't say I know anyone who has had a good experience with that. 

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Hi, would that impede on the rights of the mother's anonymity not to be identify?
PJ Stein
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Maybe if they go through the adopting agency they contact the mother and let her know that the information is being requested. She could give the info through the agency while still keeping her identity secret.
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Good point. Thanks

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