Do Women Want Sex As Much As Men?


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Well,I think it's equal for both women and men to want sex..But I don't think women want more sex then men..It just depend on the person..
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Ummm actually I want sex I have a vibrating thing (strangely girls have to play with them in health)
but I'm not a whore I just want children but not in desperate need so idk
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sam ayyoub
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Woman love sex just as much as me do . . . .
mek nic
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WISH i could fill that void. But your right some people just got to have it and others can go for years with nothing and takes for ever to get them to have it,but once they have it LOOK OUT! They want as much as they can get!
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Peter Bordonaro answered
Once you hit your twenties men want it about the same they always have, and women come out of left field. Their sex drive goes off the charts.
Dan The man, LOL Profile
Everybody's different. It's just more publicly appropriate to cater to us men. I know women more addicted to sex than myself and I know others that don't hardly want it.
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Lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol, uh,no. It's used for attention and entrapment, but hey, that still works for guys. Do stores sell magazines or videos  of a sexual nature to women customers? No. Men have the drive. Exceptions do exist, and when you find her, don't ever let her go.
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Well there were time he wanted sex more and then I would get into this mood were I wanted sex more, I had to have him three times in one night and the same three days in a row he enjoyed it, but he she I almost killed him.
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mek nic
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My x couldnt get enough of sex atleast twice a day and more if she seen me hard! Which she made sure i was a lot of the time .
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Usually women need love more than sex , so sex comes with love. It's not for sex itself, if you love him u feel it many times per day .it's all about love
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Women have the capacity for multiple orgasms so they need to engage in the sexual act more than men.  I like to have many orgasms every day even if I have to handle it myself.
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sarah fatima answered
Not neccesary it varies according to individual but women do have more sexual feelings compared to men

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