Boyfriend is being stupid. Consistently admires other women at dances and says "she is a nice package". This is hurting my feelings, because I would like to be admired also. How should I handle it. I would like for him to stop saying this?


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Break up with him.

Any guy who is in a relationship, but says other women "have a nice package" ... Unless you asked him ... Is not ready to BE in a relationship.

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You need to walk away from him. There are  few things that can be going on. One, he is simply an inconsiderate jerk who doesn't are how he makes you feel. Two, he is not really into being in a relationship.  Three, he is purposely trying to make you insecure. Guys that are abusers do that. They make you feel that you are not worthy of anyone and you should be thankful they "love" you. It isn't true, but they make you feel that way.

No matter which one your boyfriend is, you need to break up and walk away. You deserve better, and don't let anyone ever tell you differently.

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Next time he says that " nice package " thing, redirect the conversation back to yourself by asking him what he thinks about your package.

Tell him that when he does this that it makes you feel insecure.

Watch his words and reaction to you. That will help you judge whether or not to break up this one.

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You got the guy you picked.

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Admire other men, and say "He's got a nice package?"

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Lolo lo lol!
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Well, ya know Yin, sometimes mirroring someone gives them a taste of how you feel. Well unless he agrees, then she'll have a whole different issue on her hands.
"He's got a nice package"
"Yeah, I was thinking the same" O_o
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Ahh, boys will be boys until they finally grow up if they ever do. You can play the same game here if you want to lower yourself to his level but he thinks hes a Player is is cool and feeding his Macho image to emotionally abuse you which is about as low as any guy can ever get.  You have two choices here, stay and continue being abused or dump him and move on and find someone else more mature  that will treat you like the Princess you truly are.  Now waiting for him to grow up may be a long one as you have no guarantee he ever will so dump him , don't look back unless you want to go there and move on and let him see what exactly he just lost and if it was meant to be, maybe somewhere down the road after he matures, you two may find one another again but never count on this as it is usually is a rarity. Don't take this little boy abuse and move on.  Good luck

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