How To Change My Wife?


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Nice work crackheads!
Was this written by some women? Oh, yeah think it was.
Sometimes its just best to move on they don't give 25 yrs to life for that.
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Why do you want to change your wife? Did she piss you off or not kiss your --- the right way? You loved her and thought enough of her to ask her to marry you ,so what changed? Are you willing to change also to make it work for the both of you? Talk to your wife and explain to her how you feel and why ,don't criticize her and keep an open mind when she comes back with , you think your the greatest (although don't think will be that nicely put ).The two of you can really work it out together as long as you don't get upset at each other and be honest with each other.But that's only if you really want to and aren't looking for an easy way out and blame everything on her.It takes two to make or break a marriage not just one of you, we all have things we don't like about our significant other. Good Luck !
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Look man you cannot change your wife now! It's too late. When you married her you should have thought about it before. It will hurt her now!. In any case, think before doing such a thing. The choice is totally up to you. Remember you should not do this
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Instead of changing her, why not try changing yourself? Treat her nicer. Try to see her the way you did when you were courting. People change when they are being taken for granted. You can't change another person, but you can change yourself.
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In case you are having troubles with your wife and cannot stand to see her any more in your life, you have the right to divorce her and then look for a new wife. But you need to think that will you be able to live without her? Will you be able to do the house work all by yourself? I am pretty much sure; she must be the one who must be looking after you, the house and the kids. I do not think it is recommended to leave your wife just like that because she might have given a lot of sacrifices for you.

You cannot just leave her all by herself. It is highly recommended to talk about the problems you are having with her and if she realizes her mistake, she will definitely change her ways for you as she loves you a lot. In case talking does not work, you can always seek help of a marriage counsellor and try to work things out. Divorce is definitely not a way to go.
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You cannot change other people you can only change yourself and by changing your self you can change more of your life than you ever dreamed of.

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