I Love My Boyfriend But I Still Doubt He Is Faithful To Me, What Should I Do ?


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If there is no trust in any relation there is no point on carrying on such a relation. The main point of all relations is love, if you love someone; there are no terms and conditions. Love is about loving someone without any boundaries. See if you suspect your own bf then there is no point in carrying the relation any further. When you love someone, you love that person for what they are. Just because you think he's cheating on you, and also that you don't have basic proves then you might hurt his feelings.

You never know that, it's just your assumptions and nothing more. Just imagine if he was suspecting you, wouldn't you feel hurt by his behavior. So similarly he loves you and has feelings for you, there is nothing worse then hurting someone's feelings and specially that person's who you love. So just have faith in him and even if there is something like that he will definitely, if he truly loves you. Because in love no matter how hard you try you can never hurt someone you love so much. People are lucky to have love in their life, and you're blessed with this beautiful blessing so take good care of it.
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I used to think my boyfriend was cheating on me. It was not until I talked to him about that I realized I was very wrong. I really hurt him by even thinking that. I felt awful. I now know that I should have trusted him and if you are curious be gentle about it.
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Talk to him. Communication is a key.

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