Why Do Girls Get More Hurt In A Relationship Than A Boy?


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Farah Faith answered
Girls are more sensitive than guys are. Boys have strong heart, but girls don't. This results the girls to be more hurt than boys.
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chris bradley answered
Girls and boys get hurt, girls are just better at admitting and expressing their feelings. Boys often have problems with living up to their own expectations which leaves them vulnerable and sometimes emotionally immature. Expressing how we feel is part of maturing into adults and girls seem able to do this earlier than boys in general. Society perhaps does not value the same things in boys as in girls, leaving boys no way out with their self respect intact. Maybe this contributes to the much higher suicide rate amongst boys than girls, no other way to deal with it.
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ivana thompson answered
Well it is because girls connect guy with there heads and try to analyze everything guys do and , guys think with there other head if you get what I mean
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Bertha toyo answered
Girls get more hurt because they always have something to lose when the
relationship collapses, especially if she was fully committed to it.
Its really painful when all your heart is in something and you get a

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