Boys Vs Girls, Who Are More Likely To Cheat In A Relationship?


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I'm a girl but I would have to say a girl
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All boys are not the same.some boys love a girl deeply.but girls doesn't understand it. Best is never to fall in love...
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Steven Vakula answered
It would depend on the boy or girl as each has as much probability to cheat as the other. The real key is the person and what their values may or may not be as someone that values a relationship would most likely be less likely to cheat as the importance and value would be rated higher to be true.
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The answer is both are as likely to cheat as each other, different factors affect whether someone makes the choice to betray a partner and it would be unfair to label all men as lying cheating dogs or women as lying cheating so and so's.
Emma Sheen Profile
Emma Sheen answered
It's hard to say and it's not really fair to point fingers at either gender that would cheat.
But it's more likely that boys would cheat because they have a higher sex drive than what women do but there's no proof and it's quite sexist to blame male's.
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Bertha toyo answered
Girls are more likely to cheat because guys can be better trusted than
girls, because girls fall for a lot of things in guys but guys mostly
want girls to lie on their backs for them. If you look into a broken
relationship that was healthy, you'll find out that the girl was at
fault. One thing most girls don't know is that ''its a man's world'',
even if a guy cheats on a girl, its the manner in which she approaches
it that tells if the guy would be sorry or not. I hope I've been able
to convince you with my own opinion.
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I think it would be the boy.  he might just think that he doesn't have enough, and he needs more than his girlfriend.  girls would be heartbroken at that
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Well I would think boys because boys never seem to commited to the relationships that ive been in and well sure I had my eyes on other boys but I would never ask them to go out with me since I knew I had a boyfriend. Guys r crazy.

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