Why Do Boys Always Want To Have Sex Early In The Relationship?


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It may seem that that is all boys want, but they are in some way driven to impress both you, and their friends at the same time, the friends are usually feeding them all kinds of information about what they did and what should be done if you want to be a real man, most of which is not true by the way. However this can put great pressure on a young man, to perform and to be a real man, as his friends keep telling him to be, this is made even more complicated by the fact that he has these development hormones raging though his body
giving him the message that his friends are right, however crazy and riduculous their stories may be.
So he acts on this. As the saying goes, if you don't ask you don't get. So he may push you into this, but it is your decision as to when and if you agree. He should not always expect you to go along with his needs, and If he does, he is not able to maintain a relationship and build trust.
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In young men the sex urge is nearly always at its strongest. Evrybody is different, but generally it's safe to say that from puberty onwards, young men and boys have sex on their mind more than anything else. With girls and young women the urge can also be very strong, but very often it isn't; it's quite common for women not to feel really strong sexual desire until their 30s.

With this set-up, it's not surprising that young men and women annoy each other by their behaviour; a lot of the tmie, they want quite different things. But they can try to understand each other, and one thing is for sure: it won't kill him to wait a bit until you're ready. Yes, you do run the risk of his going off to find someone more willing; but if that's all he wanted you for, the relationship wouldn't have lasted anyway.
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I guess boys find sex a way to impress a girl so they'll ask for more. You will also probably find that if a boy has sex early in the relationship, they will go off telling their friends to impress them. Girls take relationships seriously, but maturely, but you will find most boys take relationships seriously by taking things fast, for example by having sex so you will get used to it and ask you to get married, and get you pregnant, so everything will go fast. But enjoy the ride. If you take things fast, it will get boring. If you're urged to have sex, if you don't want to yet, wait until you're ready, and comfortable that this boy is the right boy.
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Its this thing called...HORMONES. Their hormones are going crazy, especially when they are young... You know the saying...'Boys are going to be boys. They feel like they have to have it right then and there.That's their hormones talking, they are not thinking which is usually the case.
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So they can have sex with you and leave because thats all they want
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We want to test drive our boat to see if it floats right. If it don't, we need to exchange it.
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I love my boy friend to my heart bit it looks like he want to use me and I not in to that he move like he don"t love me anymore.he want to have sex and I m not ready so he have to deal with it or we finish I m not ready and he have to understand
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Boys have a hormone called testosterone, which makes them horny and promiscuous. Also, it depends on the environment. If their dad is telling them sex makes them a man, or their friends, peers, what they see on t.v. Especially music videos, then they will copy what they see. Rumors have it where some men can't control themselves which is b.s. But boys think that is what it takes to be a man because they want to grow up so fast. Anybody can have sex and not be a man! But that's what boys think. It's part of most men's nature.

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