Why Are Boys Always Chasing Girls All The Time?


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As all other phenomenon sex is a great and natural phenomenon and no human being can avoid it in any case unless he or she is medically unfit. The attraction of boys towards girls and of girls towards boys is a natural thing and it cannot be avoided in any case. Now we come towards your question that why are boys always chasing girls all the times can be answered in the following way.

When a boy gets young and he starts feeling urge of sex, it's a natural phenomenon and we should not be amazed. In exposing expressions boys are bolder as compare to girls and they don't feel hesitant in expressing their love to girls. For this purpose they do many things either sensible or foolish. But in my opinion only those boys always chase girls who don't have any other goal in their life and they are idle. As they have plenty of free time and they perform this act. The boys with goals and aims, I don't say that they don't feel urge of sex but they stick to their goals and at last succeed in life. It is better to chase girls after getting success in life.
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Maybe because they like you all lot and whant to spend time with you.
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They chase girls because they really like them and everything they have.I am a girl and I know these things. They really really really like them . We will just  say that
Stay cool            Grace:D
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Because they are immature, chasing a girl is not a sensible idea even if they like her. I do not agree with anyone who says that he might like her that is why he chases her to her home or certain other place. If you like someone then the first thing developed for her must be respect for her at your heart. And respect never appreciates the idea of chasing a girl. Chasing always gives pain to the girl as it looks too odd to be chased. I do not find any good reason to chase or being chased.

If one wants to talk about something then one must talk through a proper channel in a reasonable manner. Chasing never let a girl to give regard the chaser. So if you like a girl then never chase her because it will destroy your image; in fact liking and love never allow a man to chase her beloved. There might be some sort of clash between a girl and a boy and so he chases her so that it can make her worried and tensed. Chasing never shows any sign of liking or love but I think it symbolizes disrespect and disregard.
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Like the first girl stated, they might just like them. Other times you have no idea and they could just be trying to have fun with a friend. Like if they're little, then they don't care if they just chase girls because its fun and that's what they do. If they're older I am not sure what they're thinking because to me that just sounds plain weird. Well if they're older, I would just say that the boy has some issue with the girl.
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Boys might chase girls if they like them.
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Cause females is always running if you let them talk to you and see what they want they wouldnt go crazy to get your attention

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