Why Do Some People Always Have To Have The Last Word/say In Something?


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isaac white answered
Well they want to show you that there better than you and that they can control you
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Anonymous answered
Because they want to be the right one...and they want to feel like they won the fight.
Sabrina McIntire Profile
It makes them feel like they are in power of the relationship
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rebecca simmons answered
People who have to have the last word are often internaly angry! By this I mean that they are actually raging inside and so cannot ust walk away from a situation (often the best way to diffuse a tense situation).
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Angel Frank answered
When this happens there is really no true listening taking place in the situation. When there is no listening then it is a meaningless conversation. Nothing positive can result in people trying to overtalk people. One person if not both will feel even more angry after the discussion.
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Carley Castro answered
Because they always want to be right or prove themselves. Or hopefully they want to prove to you that they reaally care and that theyre using everything they can to help you understand
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Occasionally they feel that the other person will think that they didn't really care about the fight or event or whatever so they think they have to make it known they really care. This is just one. You can get a lot of answers to this question
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Maybe as they are stubborn. Those kind of people do know nothing more needs to be said yet on they go with a pointless comment just so they can have the last word or say.
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Haha I always have to the last word. To me I feel like if I have the last word I will be having the other person thinking about what I said and possibly make them realize certain situations.
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Meka Ester answered
My husband is that way. He feels that because he is the man he should have the last word. I think it makes them feel that they have accomplished something, which isn't always so.
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sam parmentier answered
Lol, I did that as a kid, and its just because they want to feel like theyre higher than you in some way, so if they have the last say, then they feel like theyre older cause they ended the convo

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