Which do you feel is more difficult? Raising a boy or girl?


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Both. Well, to be quite truthful, girls. Unlike guys, girls tend to use their emotions to their advantages than guys. There may be some girls out there who don't but, that would be like comparing an island to a big country. Anyway, either way both are challenging in their own way, it's just that girls tend to be more confusing at times than boys.

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Do you think it kind of depends on age as well? I have a one year old daughter, and she's quite demanding but really sweet. I kind of suspect that the real hard work is going to be when she's a teen
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Yes it is... I mean, parents do have a hard time controlling teens especially girls because at that time, girls then develop their "hormones". And once when that kicks in, it's like hell let loose. They have mood swings( when they have their periods) and they sometimes make little things into a dramatic scene. Girls aren't that bad, but when comparing to guys, well, it just seems like it is. The hardest part is when your daughter, knows what sex is. Like guys, they are curious. Although once their of age, have a sit down with them and talk about it. Most girls mature fast than guys but other than that, girls are harder at raising than guys are.
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I feel raising up a gal is a bit easier than that of guy. Gals are really sweet and are matured at an early stage. And they have a very soft corner and obey their parents as compared to guys.

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