My girlfriend is crying how do I calm her down?


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edlyn gonzales Profile
edlyn gonzales answered
Just hug her everytime she is crying.. Then when she calm you can ask her for the reason why she cried? Be patient!!!
seni joral Profile
seni joral answered
Maybe she had a nightmare, where she saw you cheating on her .. Sometimes the loudest words are the silent ones... Give her a kiss.. That could also calm her down..:P
Louise Shores Profile
Louise Shores answered
Validate what she is saying by being there for her. Sometimes you don;t have to say anything depending on if you caused her to cry or not! Then you should tell her  you're sorry and mean it. Then allow her to talk it out with you without interuption. By doing that she will help resolve her own feelings about things.
Danika henson Profile
Danika henson answered
Tell her you'll take care of it :D
Diane Ryan Profile
Diane Ryan answered
Hold her hand and tell her you're there for her. Hug her and let her know she's not alone in whatever is bothering her. It's pretty easy!
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
Ask her what the problem is causing her pain
Beyond that..... Grab some blanket and try to get some sleep

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