My Girlfriend Is Shy In School But A Freak In The Bed Room. How Do I Get Her To Be Her Self All The Time?


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That is her being her. My best friend is really quite and a massive freak in the bedroom. I do not know this by personal experience, lol. He is just that kind of person, he even like to be dominated, but if you were to look at him you would think he a virgin. Trust me that's the way they are.
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Dante Motasher answered
My girlfriend is like that, exactly just like you explained it.
But.. Don't try to change her, just let her change herself for your love.
Just make her happy all the time, and give her advices when the time needs to.
I mean I've been with my girl like 9 months
and we still 15 years old teenagers
and she has changed WAY to much then the moment I met her.
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WRap her in your sheets and blindfold her she won't know where she is
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Lena JH answered
Don't try and change her, she is who she is. Just be thankful that you are enjoying her freakiness is the bedroom.

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