I am bi curious and one of my best girlfriends said she likes me the other day and I like her too. How do we lay in bed together, and how do we start things off? She is also helping me find myself and my sexuality; I don't want it to be weird.


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Hey there,

I think you've answered your own question here! You want to know how to lay in bed together and start things off, but your best friend is helping you to find yourself and your sexuality. Maybe she can guide you through it!

Being comfortable

It's important that you are relaxed and comfortable with the person that you want to start experimenting with. If your best friend has already said that she will help you, it sounds like you're pretty comfortable with her already and you trust her. This is vital - make sure you talk about everything that you feel you want to talk about.

Go with your instinct

It's pretty likely that once your best friend helps you to start things off, it'll start coming naturally. Think about what you like - she could like it too, and if she doesn't - that's why you go back to the talking thing I was just mentioning above.

You might also want to talk to some other people that you trust who will not judge you and will understand you. But if they have questions, you might want to watch this video by Scarlet Saint so you can help to bust some common misconceptions about bisexuality:

Hope this helps!

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We'll if you're  up to going out with her then ask her out

If you like it, but you like the other gender as well your bisexual

But still if you don't like it then your bi curious.

I doubt you're gay/lesbian

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3 words: You are gay. Well at least your friend is anyway.

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