Why is my girlfriend so scared of me?


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When people yell at me, I'm quite frightened and sensitive to it. Stop yelling at her, and try to stay calm with her.
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Maybe you are being rude to her..
Give her a break and try to ask her what's wrong with her and then make up with it.
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It is the yelling. She tolerated it once but it sent the message that it is alright for you to do that, when deep down, she just wanted to keep the peace and not fight. So now she is avoiding you to stay at peace while you think it is ok to yell at her. She did not realize she sent that message. Your yelling at her is not ok and that is why she is scared of you. She does not like the yelling but is incapable of expressing that, so she is scared of provoking you. She desperately needs peace and calm, positive and uplifting, and a civil conversation when it comes to disagreements. She is entitled to her view and you are entitled to yours. YELLING only means you are getting loud to get your way and make your view dominate, no room for her's, it is a form of control. Most don't want to be controlled and yell back. She does not go near you. That is a message of "Don't control me". Let me be me, with my view. I am entitled.
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That is true i would not want my bf yelling at me i would be scared to go near him to cause i dont want to be screamed at

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