My Girlfriend Has A Mental Health Issue, And Is Confused And Scared. What Should I Do?


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People with mental health issues both need and deserve to be treated in the same way as everyone else - but with certain exceptions that will be particular to their condition.

You should never blame a person for their mental illness, because frequently, guilt is already a part of many conditions anyway. You will only compound things by making them feel bad about it.

Sometimes it can be very tiring to care for a person with mental health issues, but you must always try to keep your temper.

You don't specify why she is scared of you hurting her, but it sounds as if she has issues with trusting people.

You will need to work very carefully to build up her trust. You will need to show her your support, that you trust her, and that you're happy for her to be in charge of your relationship.

Sometimes, you might need to give her time alone, and sometimes, she might just want you to hold her. If you show her you're willing to do these things for her, then she will begin to trust you.

Encourage her to seek professional help - she might be in denial about the severity of her condition, because her coping strategies will seem 'normal' to her. Again, don't lose your patience, because once you've started earning her trust, she will start to listen to you.

If you really love her, you will do all this for her and more, and expect nothing in return. She is very lucky to have you, and by helping her in this way, you will be able to build a very strong and loving relationship.
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Show her you love her by doing things for her. Send her flowers, bring her favorite sandwich to her work for lunch, and take her out to a place she likes to go.

Man, this is easy stuff. If you love her, you should be doing this stuff anyway! Now go out and do something! Love is an action word!
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Show her you love her. Kiss her, bring her flowers, tell her you love her, or take her on a date to the movies or something.
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First of all, never push an issue with her, she is going to close up to you if she feels the least amount of pressure - you know how afraid a cub is of leaving the den, not knowing what is out there, or what will want to hurt them.

First you have to gain her trust, and this takes a very long time. Then you are allowed to make small intentional movements.

Eventually, the cub, bunny, whatever small animal it is, will trust you, and come out of that hole into the light, and relax in the freedom it finds there. Do you understand what I am saying?

Hope this helps, good luck to you, just take your time and reassure her all the time.
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Nobody is perfect. You need to make it known to her that you love her flaws, as well as the rest of her, and that this is what makes her who she is, and that you wouldn't have it any other way.

Put it on a card in a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers, inscribe it on a piece of jewelry, and say it to her, and mean it with all your heart.
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Just be yourself and reassure her that you love her, all the time. Ask her how she feels about you. Maybe, by talking about it, you can make her feel better about everything.
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If she is afraid you will push her into sex when she's not willing, be alone with her in what could be considered 'the right mood' to advance toward some physical loving. And don't do anything but sit with her and hold her, and maybe watch TV.

Make it clear through your actions that you aren't going to push her into anything she hasn't come looking for from you.

You got a tough row to hoe, but if you're patient and considerate, the rewards may be limitless...

Good luck, and have a great day!

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