I got a new phone as a gift from my parents and it was stolen! I feel like I let my parents down! How do I stop feeling so horrible?


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That's sucks yin :/ but you're not the horrible one... The idiot who stole it is. Let's throw  the evil shoes at him or her ....STAT ! :)

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Yin And Yang
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I promised you I would never steal your shoes..... I keep my promises.... so I am offering to make the thief a homemade meal... YIN STYLE!!!! LOL!
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Ahhhh Yin! That's horrible news!

I can only imagine how disappointed you are. Best to report it stolen and cancel your phone service. You don't happen to have a tracking on that, do you?

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You didn't let your parents down. It was just an unfortunate occurrence that was not your fault.

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Your words are too sweet my friend. I am telling you, you and my dad would get along wonderfully! That is exactly what he said to me when he said "stop acting so guilty" and I replied "I didn't want to disappoint you guys! Dad this has never happened to me! 16 almost 17 years I have had the same number, never lost a phone or had one stolen! I was just bragging to you this on Thanksgiving!" And he replied "it was just an unfortunate thing that happened and it happens." Then he said "haven't you ever heard the saying "DO DO" happens!?!" LOLOL! Thank you for your kind answer. :0)
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((((((((Hugs)))))))) 💟

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Unfortunately, tis the season for this kind of misbehavior. So sorry, Yin, my friend!

Report it right away. See what their policy is about this type of situation.

If you were careless, I could see how you would feel that you were at fault. However, thieves are very adept at watching people, so someone was probably waiting for the right moment of distraction. Tell mom and dad that you were so very grateful for this gift and unfortunately, due to someone's thieving hands, you are no longer able to enjoy their gift. If the company will issue you a new one, tell them that. Otherwise, tell them that you're appreciative and are sorry that someone else benefitted from their generosity.

Then hand them a Chips Ahoy cookie. I was going to tell you to bake them cookies and then remember who I was talking to!! Lol. No offense!

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Just tell yourself that the thief might die early due to exposure to phone radiation :D

Or would that make you feel worse? Idk, I have dark humor

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LOL! Well well well... maybe just maybe.... I already pictured my phone (or their phone now) being one of them ones that explodes! Teeheehee!
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Tell her it was an accident and you dropped the phone....man.

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That is what happened to my first phone! LOL! 16 almost 17 years I have had the same phone number, four phones prior to this new one (that is how good I am on them.) Never once had one stolen, lost, or ruined from my purse or bra or pocket. They survived children, my hubby, dance floors, taxi's and drunken nights, too much to go into detail! LOL! Lets just say THEY SURVIVED! LOL! I still have two of the dead bodies. That is how I learned you can call 911 from a dead phone cuz Jr was playing with his cell phone catching "Pokemon!" LOL!
Thank you so much for answering my friend. They took it better then I thought. :0)
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I'm sure your parents know there are just some very creepy people out there.  They will be upset FOR you, not WITH you.

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You are the GIFT for your parents.

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Yin And Yang
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That is so sweet! Thank you my friend. :0)
I just felt so bad cuz in 16/17 years I have never had a phone stolen or lose one. They have been used to death and one fell in the toilet! LOL! :0)

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