I feel like the worst parent ever, yesterday my son, and what I thought was a friend (she was a girl) went to the movies and they went to kiss and I stopped them, i just panicked. and now he won't talk to me please help? (He's 13).


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Why do you feel bad? The fact that you were with them at the movies tells me that he is a minor (I mean if he's actually an adult and you felt the need to be with him on a date, we have a whole bunch of issues).  You have a responsibility.  I have 5 kids (the youngest is soon to turn 21), it's not exactly unusual for a kid to get mad at a parent when the parent is actually parenting.  

You have to decide how you must raise your child and then stick to it.  He may not be thrilled with you now but there's an excellent chance he will be grateful later.

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Hahahaha, that really got me laughing. BUSTED! Don't worry about it you did your job. He should have been honest about what he was up to, or have much better timing on that first kiss. I would just use this opportunity to communicate with him. He's growing up, it's time to get to know him better. Why did he pick her? When is the best time to have a first kiss with a girl? Talk to him about your families views on s3x. Make this a bonding teachable moment, mom. Wait until he builds that bridge and gets over it though. He can be mad, but he also needs to move on.

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dragonfly forty-six
Thanks sweet. :))
When I was faced with this I also used this as an opportunity to teach him how to treat girls. We went out to a nice dinner and I taught him how to be a gentleman. This opportunity can be a sweet lesson.
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Tell him that if you embarrassed him you are sorry and didn't mean to do that.

The important thing that happened here is the normal change in your relationship with your son as a parent, not the kissing.

Re-emphasize your relationship with him, not what happened.

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You went with them on a date so he probably thought it was ok with you. You did nothing wrong stopping him from kissing. Next time it would be good not to take them on a date.and explain to him that he is too young to date and read him Ephesians 6::1-4  When he is over being angry.

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You shouldn't feel like the worst parent. You should feel like a parent. It is your job to set limits and you did just that. He also apparently failed to communicate that this girl was more than just a friend.  So that is on him. And as others have said if he is relying on you to take him and a date to a movie he is too young to be kissing.

Being a parent means you kids won't always like you, but if you do it right they will understand when they grow up and they will respect you.

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I also think what you did wasn't neccesarily a 'bad' thing .. Sure it may have embarassed him, and explain to him that you really didn't mean to put him on the spot .. but .. That is because he is lacking a better level of judgement about timing. 

Perhaps this is a time to have a discussion about how the prevent this kind of thing from happening again .. I know HE may have a different perspective about when to 'kiss' .. And perhaps he may just a little bit too anxious given he chose to do it in front of his mother. 

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