I kissed someone, but I didn't like it. I thought he was my friend. It was my first, and I was so afraid that no one else would ever like me. He started pushing too far, groping me even though I said that I had no experience. I started to lead him on, just so we could get back to the party and I could find my friends. Was that wrong? I feel guilty, but I also feel disgusted. Am I justified in this?


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Well, to be honest, you shouldn't have led him on. He'll probably come back for more now since he thinks you may want to. Justified? If it got you away from him and back to your friends, then yes, it was justified. When you're really ready to kiss someone, you'll feel really good about it and learn how to kiss quickly. Take your time!

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hmmm don't worry if you really like him just go ahead for a relationship.

If not just stop every thing

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