How do I tell my parents I have a girlfriend who is online. I feel they will freak out and take away all my stuff if I told them, but I've got to tell them?


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You are fooling yourself. You've met someone online, but never having stood in their presence you are lowering the bar of what is romance.  Though harmless, it's really pretty sad.  Perhaps they'll see it as a "safe" connection, or maybe as a delusional one, hope for the best.  Suggest you get out more. 

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Benjamin Coleman
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And maybe you could have the decency to apologise to the OP.
Call me Z
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It's pretty obvious discourse with you is both pointless and without prospect of intelligence from your side, I adjourn to more constructive pursuits. Finish your education and we may exchange again, Ben.
Benjamin Coleman
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And yet you continue.

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