How Do I Remove The Clothes Off My Bride On The First Night Of Marriage?


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You should do it the way you always do it. When it comes to your honeymoon, you should remember that the time is all about you and your wife. The time should be spent doing romantic things, and that obviously includes sex. No doubt you and your wife know each other very well in terms of sex, and that means that the way you should remove her clothes should be in the regular way. If you're trying to make it more romantic, take longer to take off her clothes.

  • Romance

As mentioned, taking longer to take off her clothes can be a little more romantic than just ripping the clothes off as quickly as you can - though, it depends what you like. You must remember too, that the clothes your bride will be wearing are no doubt new. If it's your honeymoon then she'll no doubt be wearing great new outfits - but if it's your first night of marriage and you haven't left for your honeymoon yet, she may even still be in her wedding night outfit. This means you should be careful removing the clothes, to ensure they're not ripped or damage. You can do this sensually and sexually, to make it a little more romantic for your first night of marriage.

  • It depends what you like

If, however, you and your partner already have a preferred form of sex then just go crazy. As long as you and your partner understand each other sexually, and you're not doing anything your partner won't expect, you can take off her clothes whatever way she likes. Do remember, however, that if your partner expresses concern about the clothes then you should really listen to ensure that you don't do anything she doesn't want you to do.
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Do not try to remove her clothes at once. Firstly try to observe the condition of the room i.e. Her and yours too, the try to  be soft with her and slightly begin to kiss her warmly. If she also holds you then try to remove the clothes firstly of breast but gently. And once you did it, neither you nor she will hesitate to remove the others. Hope this idea will work better.. Enjoy yourself.

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