I Have Caught My 13 Year Old Son Buying And Wearing Diapers In Secret But He Does Not Have A Bladder Problem Or Wets The Bed He Said He Does Not Mind Being Treated Like A Baby And Wearing Diapers 24/7 What Should I Do? Take Them Away Or Treat Hin Like


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Going thru the same thing.But I'm a bed-wetter and my parents don't know.I havent stole diapers yet (I don't steal+the pharmacy is a 2 hour walk just to there and not back)

It might be a fetish.He might just like them.They actully help me with stress+I think they are awsome.Chances are the best years of his life was as a kid.Mine where...It was before every one moved away leaving me to be the only child in the neighborhood.

But the reason I want them is not cause I'm a bed wetter...I loved them even before I damaged my bladder and became one!

You should do it.It will higher his self-esteem and he'll remember he has a wonderful parent like you!But one thing you should do before you treat him like a baby is give him a list of what he wants to do.don't make him use a bottle and eat mushy food!let him choose if he wants soda or milk or both!Just let him customize this choice.

One more thing.don't take it away. He will feel like he let you down and will feel like you don't want to except him.It aint normal nor wierd either...just don't say no or take them away!if you want to say no just make him pay for them instead.Hey!you get free labor and he gets free relaxation!and he will work harder since he likes them so you get 100$ work for 2-4 dollars an hour!doing that will also make you say "you can do it...but with a price."
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Treat him like he wants to be treated. Get it out of his system. Go all out with diapers, bottles, bibs, high chairs, pacifiers, and a crib. Then maybe he'll see it's not as fun as he thought. My friend is the same way, he wants to be held all the time ect. So his parents pay me to baby sit him hes 14. He crys a lot when I put him down for a nap. But crys him self to sleep. Any whys treat him like a baby, and see how it goes. I want to know. Please keep me up dated if you could.
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He has infantilism which means that he wants to be treated like a baby. This is common when puberty starts. There is nothing that can treat it. If you try to keep him away from this stuff then he might become stressed and/or depressed. You should let him were diapers because no matter what he will get them. This also can be a cry for attention.  But it also could be a sexual fetish to were diapers. When boy hormones are flaring when going through puberty things will come and go. But I have seen this in a lot people mostly teens. All you need to do is talk to him about it and make him feel comfortable about it. This also is very common when parents use diapers as a punishment in young children. There are a lot people like this so don't worry its becoming more common. I am training to be a phycologist for the FBI. I also have a diaper fetish. Trust me you can repress it for a short time but it will always come back stronger and stronger each time. I have tried to stop on many occasions but no success.
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Chances are, at his age, it is a sexual fetish. Don't be alarmed or try to change his mind. There are way worse things that he could be into, like unsafe sex or drugs. Diapers don't hurt people, and your son is probably fine in every other aspect of his life. Everyone is turned on by something.
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We had the same problem with our teenage son. He was swiping his little sisters diapers and wearing them inside of his underwear. His mother ordered some adult baby diapers and a few onsies.

One night during supper the conversation was started as to why he was using his sisters diapers. Right after dinner he was marched to his room to find diapers of the proper size laid out on his bed and his mother promptly diapered him.

He was back in diapers full time for near two weeks when he finally admitted diapers were not his cup of tea anymore. The help of the friends of my wife changing him and a few of the neighbor children teasing him resolved the diaper issue for us.

I am suspect of your question for 2 reasons:

1]  where does he obtain the means to purchase diapers &

2]  do they have a size to fit him?

No disrespect intended.
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A baby and make him sit  in a hie chaer and a carset and a stroler and sleep in a crib an chash him that's what my mom did to me I n tell I was 21

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