I Love My Husband, But I'm Always Not Happy.What Should I Do?


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Well dear, I am here to tell you that nobody is happy 100% of the time.  There is much to life that does not make one jolly.  If you have to do the taxes, that is not a good way to become happy.  If your good friend is down in the dumps, you probably will be also.  If your husband comes home in a bod mood, there goes any hope of your having a happy night.  If the dog eats your best potted plant, there goes another afternoon down the tubes.  Such is life.  Life has it's ups and it's downs.  You have a husband you love and enough money to own a computer.  So that means your income gives you a bit of lee-way to have things that are not just a necessity of life.  You ask what you should do.  My suggestions is to count your blessings!  You have things that many people only dream of having.  You have someone to love, you have a roof over your head, your have more money than you absolutely need, you have the intelligence to know that you have more blessings than you do problems.  Thank God and your dear husband for that.  Be thankful that you have a mind sharp enough to dwell on the good things in your life.  Nobody goes around with a smile on their face 24 hours a day.  If they do, it is for show.  All of us have problems from time to time, I am sure you do also.  It is how you deal with those problems that will dictate just how happy you really are.  Don't borrow a problem like -" I am not always happy."  Dwelling on the negative just gives it more power to ruin your happiness.  Try to find an activity outside of your marriage that gives you some pleasure: Bowling, join a book club, concentrate on your flower garden, go to the park and look for some other lady that is there alone and strike up a conversation,  take up a hobby, do some volunteer work for your community.  When all you do is wash and clean, it can get you down emotionally.  I know that occasionally you can just become drained of emotion you are so tired.  Take time to enjoy life, expand your horizons.  Love your husband, let him see that you love life and I promise you that in time you will look back at this emotional time in your life and wonder what you were not happy about!  I believe that life is good and I know you will find that goodness in your life also if you take but a moment to look....not 100% of the time will you be HA-HA happy but enough to reach old age and say, "What a great life I have had."     
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Hi. Hot to put an answer or story together at times can be all the world difference and soo many words to do it right... Alright if there is a belief that an infinite creator made the universe then the thought of what marriage " IS " is claimed to ultimately be one and only true purpose... To help one another to get back to heaven.. After absolutely everything else under the sun with kids and so on, this is the reason to become married.. With that, it's probably over-rated so to speak being satisfied as to be " satisfied lies outside the planet in this belief.. With that the greatest happiness in marriage is thru thick and thin high and low offenses and sadness IS to CONSTANTLY provide positive complimenting words to a spouse and it's is plain and simple is that. That's all it is for real... No matter how stupid how wrong or the other way when it's right and rightly so would prompt a positive word(s) it is to be done and this makes the person smile amazingly great at all times on average. Here are some ending examples for you, good luck...    You look good today. Your help makes a difference. What a great answer. That color looks great on you....
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Listen- I lost my 37 yr old husband 2 years ago.  We had not yet celebrated our 16 yr. Anniversary.  I loved him more than my own life- still do.  Treasure every moment you have with him.  Work at keeping you marriage pure and happy.  You never know what the future holds.  I never dreamed this time 2 yrs ago I would soon be a widow.
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Nobody can be fully satisfied with his life.

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