Should Students Fall In Love Whilst They Are Studying? Why?


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Pippa Corbett answered
Falling in love might be a distraction to your studies, but it's actually very likely to happen - whether you're looking for it or not!

Should students fall in love?
Most young people experience love during middle-school, high-school or college. Often, these students aren't actively seeking love.

School is a unique environment. You are placed in a classroom with many other people, some of whom you are bound to form friendships with.

Sometimes this friendship turns into more - and this is when love comes knocking on the door!

If you're worried about falling in love, and how it can impact your studies, you could always choose to limit your interaction with your classmates. However, this will probably affect your ability to socialize.

Although school is a place for learning and studying, I think there are also important social and life skills that can be picked up from fully-interacting within the school environment. Often, these skills are just as useful (if not more useful) than your academic education.

So, my advice would be to try your best to focus on your studies, but if love comes along then you should embrace it with open arms!
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Unless your lover has the motivation to study and make time together, a minimum so that you both get your studies done, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to be in a relationship.

My son had a girlfriend at a different college and spent a lot of his time on the weekend with her.

They both broke it off because they realized that they couldn't be there during the week and they were not using their weekends to get caught up on assignments and studying.


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