Do you think it's wrong for a 14 year old girl to be cursing?


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Corey Levesque Profile
Corey Levesque answered
Ive been sweqaring since grade 5 but not as bad stuff as i say now
Janey Profile
Janey answered
Everybody swears Holly - it' a fact of life no matter what age and anyone who says otherwise,well they're wrong lol.I was no angel back in the day and i'm still not lol.Sure i can be professional when i have to, but sometimes the gals can be just as bad as the boys.I'm probably no advertisement for young grown-up women, but swearing is an everyday part of most people's vocabulary.TBH, i've yet to meet someone who doesn't !
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Nope,I started to curse when I was in middle school.
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Martha Sanchez Profile
Martha Sanchez answered
I think its wrong but than i understand if it slips but other than that cursing  shouldnt be coming out of that age or younger
Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
I think it is wrong. Most people do it, but that doesn't make it right.
Miss Ms Profile
Miss Ms answered
If you must swear (or curse, as you say), be creative with your words. Try teaming certain adjectives with swear words, to make them somewhat funny! At least then those who hear you will maybe get a little chuckle.
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Lexi answered
Nope=) she's mature enough to know when to and when not too=) im a girl and I'm 14, and I choose not to swear a lot=)
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Steve Williams
Steve Williams commented
Ye i know....its worse haha, would you rather swear to your dad or tell him what you'd do to me? Haha
Lexi commented
I think I'd rather swear haha=)
Lexi commented
Haha fair enough=)
Delainey Smith Profile
Delainey Smith answered
Well, i used to swear more often, and i do it still but not really too much, like i will if im with my friends but like never by any adults:P lol
Hayden Hansen Profile
Hayden Hansen answered
I must admit..... I am a big potty-mouth. I started cursing at the end of 6th grade, I swear in front of my mom sometimes if I'm really mad.... 0.0.
Steve Williams Profile
Steve Williams answered
Well ny cursing is bad but who cares...i did it when i was 11....i'd say that as long as you don't do it to teachers/parents etc your fine, with friends then yeh go for it=P....again that has never stopped me =P

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