Is it normal for a 14 year old to be interested in $ex?


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Depends on how old the other person is you want it from. No, but seriously, it's not uncommon, but it's not really COMMON though... But its not healthy at your age. Wait until your a little older. Because sex at your age causes damage to tissiue. Not going into that though. Unless you want to......
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Yeah it is normal but I think that you shouldnt have it till you found the right guy and that your older to understand.... I'm not sayin that your young or anything... But my friend is 14 and she is pergo with twins and the babys daddy aint there... So I just say just watch out...(:
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Why wouldn't it be?
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Yes it is because my sister is 14 and shes intrested in sex
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If you are then yes. Don't let anyone make you feel like there is something wrong with you.

If you can't help it, use protection. No need to be hasty though :D
Lolzzz ... Its ok but I think you should wait for  a good time .. Means perfect age .. By d way njoy ;P

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