Is It Normal For A Thirteen Year Old To Be Wearing A Size 32a Bra?


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Well Im 11 and were padded 32b I say its normal...
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Ya that is sooo normal im 13 and im a either a 32 a or b cup! Lots of those 11 year olds are probably only wearing 32a crop tops cos crop top sometimes say 32a even though they are like 32aaa lol!! Dont worry my friend whos 12 is like flat chested and my other friend whos 13 is a c cup!!!!!!
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Shayna W.
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I think i have the biggest breasts in my grade ! I am 13 and wear a size 38D,all my other friends are like in a b cup, and some have noo breasts at all ! Normal or not ?
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I'm 11 and i wear a 30a, hope that helped!
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Im 11 n thats the size i wear
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Yes im13 im a 32dd cup
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Nothing is normal for anything related to Puberty. Imagine, a 34C would probably look dodgy on you. To see how awesome your correct size looks, try on your mum's bra under a t-shirt and see how ridiculous it is.
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I think it's not normal because your 13 and your bra size is that Little am 11 and i were size34a
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I think  you'll grow at a point in time..... I am a 38D and I  am only 13, I have some of the biggest breasts in my class and my grade .

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