Would it be wrong for a year 10 girl to date a year 8 boy or a year 9 boy?


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Karina Ortega Profile
Karina Ortega answered
You are not too young to be dating and i think that its fine to date someone in a lower grade...
Darcy - May Whitaker Profile
Id say if they love each other they can say will you go out with me and not the kissing and going on dates but it would be wrong for a 10 year old to date an eight year old it wouldn't be wrong if it was a 9 year old boy
Maria Not Telling Profile
Yes thats to young to date
Gabrielle Lovee Profile
Gabrielle Lovee answered
I think so.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Most definitely would as this is way too young even for a 10 year old so wait til youre about 17 at least
Samantha Quigley Profile
WHAT?  None of these ages are up for "dating"!  Wait a while, don't even think about any of this stuff yet, go outside and play.
Gloria Smith Profile
Gloria Smith answered
You are waaaaay too young to be dating. Wait a couple years before you start dating because there really isnt much of a point in dating when you are that young.
phillip carnell Profile
phillip carnell answered
I am going to asume those are the grade of which your all in. It is very ok to do such as long as the age is not more than two years aport.

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