Why do cute boys go out with ugly girls and pretty girls dont?


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Nadya Bean Profile
Nadya Bean answered
Usually its the ugly girls go out with ugly guys and then pretty girls go out with hot guys. For me its always been average girl goes out with average guy
Titus agore Profile
Titus agore answered
It boils down I think to how people are treated a person you or others consider these people ugly don't love much so when they do they do it with their whole hearts, and hold nothing back, they will fight you,be there for you,they know their flaws and that makes them perfect, the others think they are perfect and that makes them flawed
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Janessa Rincon answered
I guess some guys (the ones you think r cute) like girls who r their type. Such as athletic and funny. Ive noticed it several times.
Samuel Ampem Gyeke-Darko Profile
Good question ...well, you see,the planet on which man and all other creatures , both living and non-live reside...which is the earth was created with love.love as far as I am concerned is older than the first man on earth.I don't believe the point of a party being ugly when it comes to love.but for all I know ;love goes where love is, love is all about understanding and then beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.and for that matter what I may see as beautiful may seem ugly on your part and the vice versa.
david morrison Profile
david morrison answered
I don't think this happens any more for one side or the other.
Asalea Jensen Profile
Asalea Jensen answered
My question to you is: Who are you to call these girls "UGLY"? :) Maybe they're not ugly in the eyes of these cute boys,did you even think of that?
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Because cute girls can see right past the ugly and see the pretty inside their soul:) Pretty girls do not go out with cute guys because they are not shallow.
Addilynn All Star Profile
Depends what your interpretation of cute is...I find Shane hot and extremely sexy...but you might not think that at all...so for everyone that has answered here...think again. 8)

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