What Happens When Passion Gone In Relationship?


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Its too interesting question, in relationship when strong feelings are made and become uncontrollable it goes in to passion at the first stage. In this situation jealousy come in between and start negative reaction. Here this showing and is a symbol of the end of relationship, love instead of getting this relation more stronger. It directly hit the stability of relationship and conflict arises and also make passion goes away for a while.

According to me all these passion and love can be back in to ones life. Some arguments may call it back. Most of the time it is that when you love some one so much and want to give all of your stuffs to get his or her love. Mostly the misunderstandings and incidents make you to go away from each other. And after some time slowly and gradually this passion and love become low and one day it become nil.

And after some time when your felling become low and your partner start talking or relation with other its too difficult to make the same passion again with him or her. But usually it depends on the situation and timings and how you had relation with him or her in past and what's your feeling at this current stage.

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