What Does It Mean When A Boy Stares Intensely Into Your Eyes?


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When a guy stares intensely into your eyes, it can mean a couple of different things. What is for sure, though, is that, whatever he's feeling, he feels it strongly, and wants you to know about it.

Here are a couple of different reasons a guy might stare into your eyes:

When a guy stares into your eyes

Guys often stare into girls' eyes to try and get their attention.

If a guy is unable to get up and speak to a girl (for example in the middle of math class), he might use eye-contact as a way of getting her attention.

Staring into someone's eyes intently is not something people do by accident - it is usually a sign that the guy in question wants to get a message across to you.

I'd suggest studying his body language for clues as to what he's thinking.

He stares at me intensely In cats, prolonged eye contact is a sign of aggression - it's almost like a challenge to see who will back down first.

Humans also do this in fights, so there's a chance he might be upset or angry at you.

Eyebrows tend to give away a lot about our mood: Low, scowly eyebrows suggest a worried or unhappy face, whilst raised eyebrows and wide eyes suggest a more amorous or flirty attitude.

My suggestion would be to simply ask the guy in question why he's staring at you - and, if you feel threatened or afraid by his behavior, ask him to stop.

If he doesn't, aim some pepper spray at those creepy, staring eyes!
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It either means that he wants to tell you something real bad or he thinks he loves you....KEEP eye contact and maybe he'll tell you how he feels!
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They like you or they are trying to annoy you or they are dumb or they have staring problems or they hate you or they're just staring at you.

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They like your eyes.

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