My New Boyfriend's Family Are Naturist And Last Week They Invited Me For Dinner With Them, My Boyfriend Said That If I Was Uncomfortable With Nudity They Will Dress, I Was Nervous But I Sat For Dinner Nude, It Was Fantastic And I Feel A New Person, Is Nudity Good Or Bad?


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We came into the world naked, so how could it be bad. We didn't even realize we were naked until we sinned against God. I think it's great if your comfortable. My opinion is all about timing. Whether right or wrong would depend on time and place. For example not all people are comfortable with nudity so it wouldn't be wise to show up for church or go to the grocery store in your birthday suit. Ha! You might get arrested. :-)
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We are not comfortable doing these things nude because that is how we as a people were programed and ruled by law makers. I would love to be nude 24/7, just think of how much money you would save!
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If you read your Bible you will see God made us in His image and He made us naked. God said we are beautifully and wonderfully made. He intended for us to always be naked but because of Eve believing the half truths of the serpent eating and giving Adam the fruit that was forbidden they tried to hide themselves behind trees and leaves. God's first words when He found Adam and Eve were, "Who told you that you were naked?" God has no problem with nudity and is very PRO-nudity. It is man who has made it shameful because they have believed the lie. If anyone would like more information on the correct teaching of nudity in the Bible ask and I will supply it.
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I guess I didn't address your question in a way that is understood by all. It was good you went were nude and enjoyed the time. Being nude is great and great fun. What you did was very good. I hope you could see that is what I said in my answer above.
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If god meant us to run around naked, we would have been born that way.
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Umm DUH HE DID! Do you think you were born with clothes on? Naked IS how God meant for us to be and there is NOTHING wrong with! It is the world that has messed everyting up!
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I personally think it's bad. I believe your naked body should be between you and your partner. I know it sounds religious but that's just me.

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