Why did my boyfriend say this? He recently got a new job and he was telling me how much he'll earn. Then he said "it will raise a nice family" then he said " I need it for my college tuition next year" why the sudden contradiction?


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Barb Cala Profile
Barb Cala answered

How about asking him?  We can't read his mind.  If he's your boyfriend, you should be able to talk to him about this stuff. 

Soul Fly Profile
Soul Fly answered

Doesn't seem like a contradiction to me. Sounds like he is planning a future. He may even be making enough for both.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

He has a job at entry level. He gets the college education he needs to climb the ladder so he can make a better income, one that will afford a family. No contradiction, just planning ahead.

Cookie Roma Profile
Cookie Roma answered

Where's the contradiction?  Just because you didn't know his plan doesn't mean his plan didn't already exist.  Sounds like a good plan for his future.  Granted a degree doesn't guarantee anything for the future.  What is does however, is it opens up options that would otherwise not present themselves. 

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