I have a crush and he said he liked me back but recently he started ignoring me and then I found out he liked another girl. Why is he doing this?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Youre learning the most valuable and important life lesson here in that most of the male population are pigs., and it sounds like he's no different.  Boys are usually interested in girls for one thing only and will take to who will most likely give them what they want, but don't be upset here as there are millions of boys in the world and don't be in any rush to have a BF  as you have a whole life ahead of you. 

So if he wants to play his little boyish games here, just move on and find someone better.  Good luck

Samamtha Harpet Profile
Samamtha Harpet answered

It sounds like he has the hots for you but he is also playing hard to get. And the other girl is to make you jelous

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