Who Do You Think I Will Marry?


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Chris Burnett answered
Hopefully someone that puts as much emphasis on love as you do
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josh otto answered
You seem like your a very likeable person so I'm sure you will marry someone who deserves you and that you deserve as well. Marriage is something that rarely sticks so finding the right person is curtial. I think you will have many times of falling in love as everyone does and then you will meet someone who will sweep you off of your feet yet they will still have a certain mystery to them...then curiousity takes effect and so it begins...thats my two cents keep an eye out for this person.
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Do you have any people your talking to that you like? :]
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no one knows for sure Profile
Your boyfriend for sure
Brian Reed Profile
Brian Reed answered
Someone intelligent ,kind ,and handsome. The perfect man for you because you will know him when you meet him, and everything will be wonderful for you and your new husband. His exact name I can not predict though.
tanya campbell Profile
tanya campbell answered
I dunno who you will marry,but please just don't marry too quickly!! I married my husband after only a few months of dating...oh he was the sweetest, nicest, most caring man i ever met in my life!!!!, until i got attached to him...then everything changed!! He was controlling, physically and emotionally abusive, just a monster!! We only made it a year and a half..and although were still married were separated and he hasn't seen his 2 precious lil girls in a year..so hope you really get to know someone before you marry , and I'm sure you will marry sometime..
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Remember that guy in algebra... Yes the guy with the scraggly hair, a bit moody, sat in the back of the third row.... Yes... Him.
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Only  you  will know this when the time is right. No one can predict this for you

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