Why Do Men Have An Erection In The Morning When They Wake Up?


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Hi... Well to answer your question; most men when they wake up; need to use the bathroom to pee, and because of this; his body (penis) reacts to the pressure in the same way it does when he is sexually excited... His member fills with blood and that pressure causes the erection.
I hope this helped you ladies understand us men a tad better.
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Hera Kalaydjian
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Very interesting..well no matter how much information i gather about men i don't think i'll ever understand your way of thinking..anyway thanx a bunch!!
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I'm not sure I agree with that 1st answer entirely. Sometimes men just pitch tents because our bodies are telling us that it is ready to do it's part of whatever tasks may be ahead, no point intended. Sure sometimes I do have to pee, but not always since I usually wake up to do that a few times a night. I think as a young man in my prime, it is just nature calling in 1 way or another...
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There bladder is full and it put pressure on there gspot. Most men can not ejalute with a morning woody
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Morning wood is formally called, nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT). This is most common in young generation of  men, but men of all age groups can experience NPT. It is a spontaneous erection of the penis which takes place while a  man is asleep or after he wakes up. NPT is a sign of good health and it indicates that your blood and nervous system are functioning properly. NPT can occur in young men of 6 to 8 years age. NPT can also occur in men of 60 years and 70 years of age. Its frequency begins to reduce as ED starts developing, and this issue becomes more frequent with age. ED Pills treatment is the best option for all the man as they are easy to administer and are cost-effective.

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All of that information is incorrect, because even men with erectile dysfunction have erections, so there must be another answer...
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It has to do with their hormones. Men can have "morning wood" and not even be horny. There hormones are higher so natually that happens.
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The reason for this is simple. It is nigh on impossible to urinate with an erection, therefore, having 'morning wood' simply means you need to go to the toilet after a long night's sleep. Think of it as a sort of bed-wetting defence mechanism.
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Men think about women and sex 24 hours a day and women think about more important things and its them thar parts that make us different too in case you didnt know. Just trying to be helpful here
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Because we do not have the "banana" lol. If girls did we would not be a girl, we would be like Lady Gaga;)

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