How Do You Rub Your Boyfriend's Balls When He Has An Erection?


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One word: Gently!

A guy’s balls are very sensitive. You probably think we over-react when someone kicks us in the balls, but trust me - it really is that painful!

Some guys won’t like you playing with their balls at all, because they're just too sensitive.

However, most men do enjoy it when you lightly caress their balls - so just be careful, and he should love it.

How Do I Rub My Boyfriend’s Balls?
To be honest, even the word “rub” is enough to make me cringe! Usually, just weighing them in the palm of your hand, or massaging very lightly with your fingertips, is enough stimulation to feel good.

Each guy is different, though, and some are far more sensitive than others. The best way to find out what your boyfriend likes is to ask him - don’t be embarrassed.

As a guy, I’d much rather a girl asked me how I liked it than if she just went ahead and grabbed me too hard!

What Else Should I Do?
Your main focus should still be on his penis - it's fine to give his balls some attention every now and then, but don't neglect his erection! No two men are the same - I can't emphasise this enough - so just find out what he likes and go with it. Have fun!
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Slightly tilt the penis upward to get a better view of the balls and gently caress them.
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Find out what he likes then do it that way. Most guys like it when you use your mouth and suck.
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Reach down there and put them in your hand, but you might like sucking on the erection instead.

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