How do you get your boyfriend to want to touch you when your touching him but he's tired?


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Chloe Brisco answered
Hm i suposse you could always guide his hand to the palces you want to be touched, you'll have to initiat everything which is way hard when there sleepy but it can be done if you start by kissing him passionatly and then as i said if you touch him or guide his hand where you want him to touch you keep him intrested and alert
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Ray Ottewell answered
I he is tired let the man sleep because if you were tired you would expect him to let you sleep,so dont be so selfish.
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diego gutierrez answered
Try to make him feel like if he wants it more then you do, play with so you can get his attention when he is tired
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I do!!!! An he just let's me blow him but than just falls asleep.. Lol
diego gutierrez
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Well tell him to play with you when you play with him and if he doesn't pay attention to you then you got sex problems
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If he is tired let him be.  You would want the same respect.  You don't want him to begin to think of your advances as intrusive and negative.  He isn't a machine (neither are you) and shouldn't be expected to respond like one.

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